The history of the automobile dates back to the 19th century when Mikolaus Otto developed the first four-stroke cycle engine. The OTTO engine first appeared in an automobile designed by Karl Friedrick Beary in 1885. Rudolf Diesel built his version of the internal combustion engine in 1897, which was the first diesel powered engine. However, more than half of the first few thousand cars that were sold were not gasoline or diesel powered but rather powered by steam or electricity.

Modern cars have strikingly few similarities to their century-old predecessors. Since the 1920’s, engineers have developed hydraulic brakes, electronic stability control, fully automatic transmissions, radial tires, emission control and a whole host of other gadgets for passenger safety and comfort.

Below is pictured an original Ford Model T, which made its debut in 1908. Further below that is a modern Chevrolet Camaro.

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